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Day Trips to Newcastle

Newcastle offers much in the way of fun and adventure to visitors and it is just a day trip away with Rothbury Motors. Day Trips to Newcastle can be arranged for solo trips, parties of two for romantic getaways, short family vacations, or even large groups. You will love exploring Newcastle and Rothbury Motors can help to arrange not only the transportation to get you there and back home comfortably and affordably, but also make sure you take advantage of all that the city has to offer its visitors.


Day Trips to Newcastle Starting Points

You can get to Newcastle for your day trip from many starting points in Northern England. Popular pickup points include Sunderland and Middlesbrough, which are quite close and will get you to Newcastle faster, leaving you with more time to enjoy attractions. However, you can even get to the city for a day trip from as far away as Edinburgh or Glasgow and still have time to see the sights and get back home. Call Rothbury Motors to arrange your day trip to Newcastle from wherever you are.


Possible Attractions When Planning Day Trips to Newcastle

The Tyne Bridges

There are 7 bridges that span the Tyne in Newcastle and all of them are unique. Have the camera ready to take pictures when passing over them or walking by. Three of them are internationally known for their structural feats and beauty. The Gateshead Bridge is the most famous in Newcastle and a walk across should be on your bucket list.

Newcastle Castle

This castle, originally dubbed ‘New Castle’, is how Newcastle got its name. Construction began in 1080 and was completed almost a century later in 1172. There are guided tours available and the castle holds seasonal events as well.

St. Nicholas Cathedral

Not the biggest cathedral by far, St. Nicholas Cathedral is still a defining landmark in Newcastle. The beautiful architecture and stunning statues make for perfect photo opportunities, or a perfect place to enjoy lunch at the café they have on-site.

Eldon Square

If you are planning to do some shopping, this would be the place to do it. Originally, the shopping area only comprised Eldon Garden but shops and eateries popped up around the area to eventually spread out to the entire Eldon Square area, taking over Central Arcade as well. This is a large area with shopping for every taste and budget. You will find here what you are looking for, even if you just want to window shop.

Discovery Museum

Not only is the Discovery Museum home to permanent exhibits showcasing mechanical feats throughout history and beautiful visual artworks, they also have a research library on-site that visitors can use to educate themselves on just about anything they want.

Jesmond Dene

This beautiful parkland includes open and wooded areas, a river with walkways over and through it, and places to sit and contemplate life or just forget your troubles. You don’t have to go very far to enjoy Mother Nature at Her finest as it is right in the heart of Newcastle.

Laing Art Gallery

The Laing Art Gallery is the permanent home of very famous pieces of artwork. They don’t discriminate in the types of art work they display, from paintings and sculptures to glassware and ceramics. They also have temporary exhibits that are themed or pertain to a particular artist. Educational seminars and workshops are also held at the Laing Art Gallery.


With so much to do, you may just have to plan several day trips to Newcastle to be able to fit everything in that you want to do. This is by no means an exhaustive list of all that the city has to offer. You can enjoy a boat ride down the Tyne or walk down the medieval streets of the old city that look like they haven’t aged a bit… There is so much to do and see and Rothbury Motors can get you there so you can explore all that Newcastle has to offer.